Do You Need to Clean a Rental Van?

Do I Have to Clean a Rental Van?

Sometimes van rental is unavoidable. You might need to move heavy objects or require a van for work purposes. 


During your rental, your van may understandably get a little dirty, especially if you’re renting throughout the winter when it’s more prone to mud and dirt on the roads. 


While it’s not necessary to give the van a full valet before you return it, it is expected that you try to return your van rental in a similar condition to the way you received it. 


Your van hire company will take note of the condition of the van before you take it and may even charge for any damage or extreme dirt which was not visible before they handed it over. 


What Makes a Van Messy?

Depending on how long you intend to rent your van for, there are a variety of things that could cause the van to become more messy. 


If you’re travelling in the winter, or through heavy rain, the outside of the van may become covered in mud. This isn’t too much of an issue, because a simple hose down can remove this. However, you do need to think about the consequences of the mud on the inside of the van. 


If you get into the van with muddy boots, this mud can get crushed into the carpets creating a stain that’s difficult to remove without a deep clean. 


If you’re travelling long-distance, you may also have food and drink in the van and it’s important that you remove any food boxes or bottles before you give your rental van back. 


How to Keep a Rental Van Clean? 

To ensure the van is in good condition before you return it, it’s good practice to remove any personal items and food and drinks containers from the van. Make sure you clean out the whole back of the van and don’t leave anything behind. 


If the van is muddy, you should hoover it out to ensure there are no long-lasting damages from mud caused to the carpets. 


It’s also a good idea to take the van through the car wash prior to returning. While some slight mud is expected, you shouldn’t return the va caked in mud and grime. 


What If I Return My Rental Van Dirty?

Van hire companies are likely to charge you a rental valeting cleaning fee if you return the van in an unacceptable condition. 


These fees vary from business to business and you will be made aware of the fees before you hire the van. Before the van hire company hands you the keys, they will take note of any damage or dirt on the van. 


If the van arrives back to them in an unacceptable state – more than just fair wear and tear or a little dirt from the road, which is expected – they may charge extra as they will have to valet the van fully before hiring it out again to the next person. 


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