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Why You Should Hire Vans To Build Your Business Fleet


Whether you’re looking to expand your business in terms of geographical reach, the number of clients you work with, or the quantity of services you offer, having access to reliable transport is key.


Offering van hire to businesses large and small, our team helps to facilitate the expansion of businesses across all sectors and industries – empowering them to transport more, further, and more frequently.


Here’s why hiring a van should be the next move you make to build a bigger and more sustainable business.


Why your company should hire vans


When you hire a van, you expand your fleet and allow your business to grow without any of the risks that come from van ownership. With businesses across all industries and sectors using vans to increase their productivity, van hire offers a convenient solution to sole contractors and growing businesses alike.


But why hire?   


Let’s be honest, while buying a van may seem like the best option in the long run with unlimited access to that vehicle as and when you need it, the financial outgoings of purchasing a van will likely take months or even years to balance. Not to mention, when you own the van, you become responsible for its upkeep – whereas van hire enables you to access a van when you need it, without taking on any of the administrative or maintenance responsibility.


Contract and company van hire


Have you heard about our Flexi Hire service? Here at TSP Car & Van Hire, we understand that making long-term leasing commitments in the current environment is challenging. That’s why our Flexi Hire services are designed to make van hire as flexible and cost-effective as possible, offering short-term monthly contracts which you can choose to roll on into the next month or end with no cancellation fees.


Heralded by our business customers as one of the main reasons why they choose us, this approach to van hire recognises the importance of building your business fleet and safeguarding your business against potential future challenges. 


Van hire for your industry


One of the most common questions we get asked about is whether our vans are suitable for different industries and sectors. The answer is always yes.


Van hire is a broad industry of its own, which unites businesses in all sectors with the vehicle they need to boost transportation, productivity, and accessibility. Used by warehouses looking to transport products, construction workers moving goods to and from site, removal companies offering furniture-moving services, and more, identifying an efficient and high quality van hire service will always be an asset to your company or business. Best of all, van hire enables companies to access the vehicle they need efficiently – only paying when they need it.


Your business needs TSP Car & Van Hire


TSP Car & Van Hire offers a  multitude of services, which include our flexi hire deals as well as more long term arrangements across a number of different vehicle types. Whether you are a small business owner just starting out, a sole trader looking to expand the services you can offer, or a large corporation hoping to invest in the kind of business fleet that will enable you to grow in a flexible but sustainable way, our van hire ticks all the boxes of convenience and productivity – at a cost that suits you.


Get in touch with us directly to receive a tailored quote and advice on the kind of services we can offer to support you.



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